We’ve been working to be sustainable since we were born.

We’ve been meeting organic agriculture principles of health, ecology, fairness and care for over 20 years.

We are the world’s first grass fed organic beef exporting company, founded in the 1990s by a group of far-sighted outback Australian families dedicated to the production of organic beef.  Our commitment to organic agriculture and continual improvement means sustainability has always been part of our DNA:

* Certified organic standards ensure the family farmers we source cattle from work with ecological systems and protect soil and plants

* On properties in the pure heart of Australia, many so vast and remote they have been virtually untouched by chemicals for millions of years, cattle follow their natural instincts to roam across millions of hectares of certified organic and biodiverse pastures

* We run our business on co-operative principles to maximise returns to all family farmers who supply us, so they can continue to run flourishing family farms for generations to come

* We have been formally managing sustainability within our business since 2015.

Now we want to do more.

Our aspiration is to manage an organic beef supply chain that meets targets set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   

In 2019, we completely re-thought our sustainability strategy to focus it entirely on contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Specifically, our targets for the topics we have identified as being material are now the relevant SDG targets.  Our previous sustainability targets have been based on what we think is right.  By replacing these with the SDG targets, we’re now aiming for what the global community says needs to be done.

This is a big shift, and not without challenges. We are a small company sourcing cattle from a geographically vast supply chain and selling organic beef around the world.  We have varying degrees of influence but no control along our supply chain.

The SDGs are our aspirational targets.  We will use them to guide how to further reduce impact and increase value right along our supply chain in ways that encourage us to play our part towards achieving a better future for all.

You can read about our SDG targets in the environment, animals, people and product sections.

Or you can read our sustainability reports here:

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