Our Distinctive Difference

When it comes to getting great tasting beef we let Mother Nature play the role of grand chef. Just as the best winemakers work with terroir to impart unique characteristics to their wine, we believe everything cattle eat, drink, breathe and do goes into creating a unique flavour and quality. In the raw heart of Australia, nature’s seasoning comes into a league of its own.

A unique provenance

Our cattle are sourced from remote properties in the pure heart of Australia. A land of ancient purity, river channels flow across vast floodplains peppered with natural watering holes.

Free roaming cattle

On farms with few fences, our predominantly Hereford cattle follow their natural instincts to roam across millions of hectares of certified organic grasslands. With minimal human interaction, they forage freely all year round as nature intended.

Flavour from natural pastures

OBE cattle graze on seasonally changing pastures, with over 250 species of native grasses, herbs and succulents on offer. The seasonal characteristics of this pristine land infuse NATURALLY INCONSISTENT® flavours into every cut of OBE Organic beef.

The result
amazing flavour, seasoned by nature