Unique provenance

OBE® Organic’s heartland is Australia’s Lake Eyre Basin, one of the world’s great free-flowing inland river systems.  This is an extraordinary natural treasure covering a sixth of the continent, where rivers and creeks flood during northern Australia’s ‘wet season’ and flow towards Lake Eyre in the centre of this huge inland drainage basin.

For millions of years countless floods have deposited rich nutrients to create vast, fertile outback floodplains – so remote they have been virtually untouched by chemicals for millions of years, and are still hundreds of kilometres from densely populated areas.

In this harsh but pristine environment, over 250 species of natural grasses, herbs and succulents grow year-round and flourish when intermittent floodwaters recede.

This is nature’s perfect farm for the production of premium beef: safe, healthy, and renowned for infusing unique natural seasonal flavour into every cut of beef. That’s why OBE Organic® beef is SEASONED BY NATURE®.